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Notepad++ 7.3.2

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Notepad++ 7.3.2

Notepad++ Review:

 Gone are the days when you used to write all your code in simple text files and save them with a .c, .c++ extension and later compile them with a compiler. The most primitive ones are the Dev C++ and Turbo C++ that offered a simple, non-intuitive built-in editor to write the code and then compile it with the integrated compiler. Nowadays, things have changed their course. With an alarming rate of increase in the variety of compilers, programmers are confused to take their approach to select the right matching parts to get their machine to work. Therefore, IDEs have taken their place allowing you to just concentrate on programming the essentials and forget everything about the basic setup and preparatory lines of code.

 Editing Code Made Easier

 The editors allow you to automatically indent the code to make it more legible and easy to read. This saves your time. They highlight keywords and identifiers, separately highlight the errors. This helps you to notice them instantly and once again, saves your time further more. Notepad++ is an advanced editor that features all these facilities. There are many IDEs that support notepad++ documents natively and can compile them without issues. You do not have to write any code to compile the files prepared with notepad++. There are no command line mess and everything is beautifully hidden under an aesthetically pleasing skin, of its own IDE.

 Tremendous Support For All

 The latest version of Notepad++, version 6.8.6, natively supports many high-level programming languages, and all major ones that are used heavily in the industry. 
 - It has inbuilt syntax highlighting, indenting, auto-completion like useful assistive features.
 - It is the first eco-editor or green-editor, which uses much less CPU power. Hence it throttles down the CPU usage and helps save the precious power consumed in its processes. 
 - You can now add your own language to the Binary Translation Directory and use this product in your native language.

 Other Features

 It supports multi-document and multi-view processes using a tabbed interface. Along with syntax highlighting, as mentioned above for various languages, it also supports syntax folding. You can bookmark projects and pages, zoom-in and zoom-out on the pages. It also allows macro recording and playback.
It is, by far, the most advanced free or open source based editor that has received tremendous support from millions of users worldwide. Finally, it is an enjoyable editor that lets you enjoy coding.

Changes on the new version:
Fixed auto-updater setting toggles between startups bug.
Fix "Replace All" shortcut accelerator in Replce dialog not working regression.
Fix unsual plugin update prompt after upgrade to 7.2.1 version.

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